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Elizabeth MacLeod, AMFT

Associate Marriage Family Therapist

Trauma-informed Expressive Arts clinician, multicultural narrative approaches are applied with self-reflective multi-dimensional art modalities that grow your understanding of who you are, what your values are, and why you think, feel, and act the way you do. Vital energy practitioner that calls on the wisdom of our ancestors and modern understandings of trauma, psychology and somatic (body) awareness and peaceful practices to restore equilibrium that confirms the journey IS the destination. Patterns of intergenerational trauma & gift transmission identified and decoded through Attachment Theory. Get clarity of brain-body process
when overwhelmed with emotional & sensory experiences. Brainspotting (an EMDR derived exercise) can integrate back to balance -reducing, and in some cases eliminating- emotional trigger. Educated in antisocial abuse trauma and recovery. Receive support during high conflict divorce, parental alienation, domestic violence by-proxy, and trauma-bond recovery.
We safely, gratefully, collaboratively explore in such a way that allows shadow-work to be illuminated as part of the integral whole. This eliminates resistance which hinders our processing. Self-Partnership is a way to feeling more-at-home in life and body. With this enhanced self-wisdom toolkit, intentional beneficial growth expands your living experience.

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