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Ming Tu, Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee

Hello, I'm Ming Tu. My twenty plus years of working with teens as a creative writing coach has given me a unique understanding of how to work with adolescent youths. Inspired by over a decade of 

mindfulness practices, I also believe strongly in the transformative power of self-awareness and self-ownership.

The relationship between therapist and client is foundational to therapeutic success. I am deeply committed to understanding the nuances of the adolescent experience, ensuring every individual  feels valued, listened to, and inspired to communicate openly. My approach spotlights inherent conflicts, facilitates self-revelation, and avoids therapeutic stagnation. By immersing myself in the stories  and perspectives of teenagers, I strive to empower them,  encouraging their active participation in their healing journey.

Building genuine connections is at the heart of my practice. It's been my observation, and research concurs, that when clients feel truly connected, safe, and acknowledged, they are in the best position to
heal. My approach, even in these early stages, is rooted in humanistic and client-centered values, and I'm actively developing skills in trauma-informed practices and cultural responsiveness.

At Kindred Heart Therapy, I'm surrounded by a community that believes in nurturing growth and understanding at all stages of one's therapeutic journey. With each session, I seek to collaborate with my clients, working together to identify tools and strategies that align with their unique experiences. Thank you for welcoming me to Kindred Heart Therapy. I'm excited to be on this enlightening path, dedicated to assisting in the individualized healing journeys of all who walk through our doors.

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