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Olivia Peterson, LMFT

Associate Marriage Family Therapist

Therapist at Kindred Heart Therapy Group, providing services to individuals, teens and kids. Life is hard, and being human can be painful. It can be easy to become stuck in feelings of hopelessness. Whether due to a lack of meaning in your life, feeling like you are not enough, or struggling with anxiety, depression, grief or difficult memories from the past, therapy can help. Therapy is a process in which we connect to our deeper selves to begin to experience relief and healing from within. I am here to join you on that journey and together we can create meaningful changes that will work to move you toward wholeness and connection.

My approach to therapy is collaborative and relies on safety and trust. I offer a space where you are able to explore and express your authentic self, including your disjointed parts, to bring about more understanding, meaning, peace and function to your life and relationships.

I know that choosing to start therapy can be stressful, but I truly believe that having a space that is your own to process life’s struggles can deepen your relationship with yourself and others to create a more whole life. If any of this resonates with you or you are just curious, let's talk.

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