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Socializing Online

Online Therapy

Meet with us  from the comfort of your home or office

We’re excited to offer online therapy as an option. It works much the same as in-person therapy, except that you can meet with us from the comfort of your home or office.

Why Choose Online Therapy?

  • You’re really busy and have limited time, but you're ready  to invest in your personal growth. It might be hard for you to  commit to travel time + therapy, so needing to only block out  one hour for yourself is much more doable.  

  • You have an hour for lunch or a break in your workday,  during which you'd like to talk through some issues.  

  • You have young children at home and arranging for  childcare to attend your own therapy is difficult (not to  mention costly!), so it's much easier to put on their fav show  while you take some time for yourself. 

  • You feel more comfortable in your own space, or you have limitations that make leaving your home challenging. 

  • You live in another part of California, but you'd really like to work together. You travel for work frequently to  other areas of California, but you'd like to continue sessions  while you're away.

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