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Help with processing trauma


Brainspotting is a therapeutic technique that focuses on a much deeper level of brain  processing. Instead of staying in the logical, rational parts of the brain, like we normally  do with talk therapy, brainspotting addresses the deep emotional experiences that  are held in the midbrain. Brainspotting has been shown to help people move past trauma  or upsetting situations, improve anxiety, cope with grief and much more. It’s one of  those things that’s hard to explain until you experience it! 

It’s based on the understanding that where you look affects how you feel.  Brainspotting may involve looking at a pointer or gazing at a spot in the room while  listening to music—all of which has been found to help people access, process, and  work through emotions and memories stored in the midbrain and in the body.  Don’t worry; you don’t have to know exactly what to do. Your therapist will guide you in  getting started and will be right there with you through the process. 

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