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Katie Pearson, AMFT

Associate Marriage Family Therapist

Life is full of many challenges and hardships, and navigating these challenges can be extremely overwhelming. I understand that seeking therapy to assist with finding your way through life’s difficulties can be exhausting and intimidating. My main goal is to hold a space that promotes hope, safety and trust as you explore your dreams for your future. 


As a clinician with Kindred Heart Therapy Group, I work with families, couples and individuals who are experiencing difficulties as a result of anxiety, depression, and/or trauma. By utilizing a systemic lens, I work to open up the opportunity for us to examine the many facets of your life that are impacted by the challenges that you would like to work on in therapy. I use Narrative and Experiential approaches, which allow for the rebuilding of connections in relationships, emotional healing, and the facilitation of a preferred narrative of your own life. 


My work encourages hope, empowerment, and kindness. Through this emphasis my goal is to help you strengthen your relationships, self-worth, and overall sense of balance in life. My hope is that I can provide a place for you to feel supported and heard in your journey of healing. 

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