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Carie Starnes, LCSW

Associate Clinical Social Worker

At Kindred Heart Therapy Group, people seek therapy for a variety of concerns related to relationships, identity, spirituality, career, self-development, or life purpose. Others may be seeking relief from trauma response patterns, anxiety or depression. These pressures and demands can be chaotic and cause one to feel anxious, inadequate, depressed, or stuck. These very feelings can impact our functioning, relationships with others and how we view ourselves. While we cannot change the nature of things, we can change how we react. I listen with an intuitive and compassionate heart and give you tools to gain greater resiliency and empower yourself.
We'll explore events that influence your life and your goals. I facilitate many holistic and integrative techniques which can offer transformative tools to support you in feeling greater insight, clarity, happiness, and fulfillment. Therapy is a gift to the self. Together, as we build your skills and learn new ones, you’ll be empowered to be your best self.
I provide a safe space to help guide you through a journey of self -discovery and healing. I will help you recognize the patterns that are causing you distress by helping you pause, gain perspective, reflect, and examine all that are not serving you well. Together we will tap into your inner resources. Let’s discover all that you are capable of!

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