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Julian Brock Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 129902

Life’s journey is anything but straightforward. Obstacles arise that obstruct our view. Old wounds reemerge at unexpected moments that hinder our progress. We get stuck. When this happens, a supportive presence and collaborative guide can be instrumental in getting us back on the path we want to travel.


As an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at Kindred Heart, I work with people struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, and relationship challenges. My clientele includes adolescents, adults, and couples.  


In order to meet the unique needs of each individual I serve, my approach is integrative, drawing on a range of modalities and techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, mindfulness, and trauma informed principles. I provide a comfortable space free of judgment where challenges can be addressed, healing can occur, and one can reconnect with their best and truest self. Along the way, we’ll learn and develop practical skills to meet life’s daily challenges. 


As a father of two children, a husband, and a former business owner in the building trades, I bring a wealth of life experience with me. I am also very familiar with therapy from a client’s perspective. Throughout my life, therapy has been instrumental to my own growth and healing, and it is this experience that fuels my passion and belief in therapy’s healing powers. My hope is that I can draw on this experience to help others on their own journey. 

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