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Play Therapy

Express yourself through play

We believe that children thrive when given full attention from a safe person, which can  cause a welcomed self-esteem boost for the child. We understand that kids learn best  through play and we strive to maintain a fun, playful environment where our client’s  imagination can run wild.  

Play therapy is a style of therapy used to work with children. Children use play to  express themselves, manage their anxieties and find resolutions to problems they face. 

As therapists, we use play to communicate with them in the language they are already  using. It is the least invasive way to gain entrance to a child's inner world. A variety of  tools are used, including sand tray, drawing, pretend play with toys, puppets and dolls,  board games, storytelling etc., depending on the child's developmental age, interests  and goals in therapy. 

We believe in addressing the needs of each client in the context of  their family, when applicable. We offer to develop a close relationship with caregivers  and siblings, and family members are invited to participate in therapy sessions, if  desired by the client and safety is not an issue

Should a child therapist meet with parents/guardians too?

Absolutely, when issues are behavioral and related to the family system. You know  your child better than anyone and you are the one that has noticed they are acting  differently which is why you sought services. If a therapist is not communicating with a parent/guardian regularly it is difficult to monitor how the child is doing in the world  outside the therapy office. It is also possible and necessary for children and  adolescents to feel that their privacy is respected in therapy while their therapist and  parents/guardians have a consistent working relationship. Often a main component of therapy is parent education and support- especially with the little ones!

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