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Fiona Kearney, Marriage Family Therapist Trainee

Hey there, I’m glad you’re here! My name is Fiona and as a clinician at Kindred Heart Therapy Group, my goal is to provide an environment for self  discovery, expression, growth, and clarity.

My practice is compassion led and client centered, meaning that I take a humanistic and de-pathologizing approach to build empowerment and open self expression. You are the expert in your own experiences, and I believe that I can provide the environment to help you access the knowledge within yourself to cope with adversity.

My experiences thus far have covered a diverse population of people that have faced many different challenges. I have worked with a plethora of communities; predominantly children and survivors of interpersonal violence.

You deserve to feel heard and understood. This process can be intimidating, so I am here to help you problem solve and navigate the barriers that you may face; taking this step is a huge leap for self discovery. We will curate strategies  together that bring out the solutions that exist within you while taking an intentional and nonjudgmental approach.
I can work with individuals, families, and couples. I’m honored to be able to listen to the stories of what makes you, you!

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