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Carla Olmstead-Newman, Associate Social Worker

  You can heal your life, and change IS possible! I am passionate about my work and truly feel that it is an honor to walk with you on your journey of self-discovery. My approach combines EMDR, cognitive-behavioral approaches, mindfulness, solution-focused techniques and client-centered counseling. My guiding principle is to meet my clients where they are at and help them grow and develop the skill set they need to reach their full potential.


  I have experience working with multiple issues including depression, trauma, addiction, anxiety, self-esteem and confidence issues,  attachment/family dynamic issues, couples therapy, relationship issues, ADHD and codependency. I also work with a wide range of age groups from children to seniors.

  As I child therapist, I recognize that at times for parents it seems that behavioral, emotional and cognitive challenges do not seem to make sense. As a parent, you may be noticing these problems interfere with areas such as academic success, relationships and self-esteem. As 
parents are vital to a child’s therapeutic process, I strive to provide caregiver support and increase positive parenting strategies to reinforce learned skills.

  My support to ADHD clients includes identifying their unhelpful behavior and finding new behaviors that make their life easier. Many ADHD  students feel as though it is difficult to find support among the many responsibilities they face, and this can impact their sense of self-worth and esteem. My goal is to help increase their level of self-worth and esteem through turning up the positive internal voice that allows them to feel good about themselves.

  Trauma can cripple us, it creates overpowering and intense emotions including anxiety, depression and anger. When left unattended, it can create physical symptoms to defend our bodies from internal wounds. I aim to utilize a variety of actionable techniques to help reduce trauma related symptoms and make lasting changes in life.

  Working at Kindred Heart Therapy Group is a dream come true for me because my main goal is to support the community and meet clients where they are at emotionally and physically. I look forward to helping you on your journey to healing!

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